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Comish - The Cold Shoulder by TwilightSaint

Maybe I am not using this critique tool correctly, but I think I can give it a try anyway. Vision: If the theme or idea you are trying ...


Princess by J4B
A buff princess vs a red dragon.

Inspired by
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Various stuff
  • Reading: MLP comics
  • Watching: Princess Tutu
  • Playing: Rome Total War
  • Eating: Bread with cheese
  • Drinking: Water
''Do you even know who I am?'' The man called in frustration, his horned helmet shaking angrily on top of his head:
''Do you not recognize these, clothes this staff, this very visage of power before you?''

The bartender calmly looked at the man before him:
''Are you from the IRS?''

The man bit his underlip, pondering whether or not to smite the man where he stood.
''No! I am not from the bloody IRS.''

''That's good,'' The bartender said while cleaning a glass.
''I don't like the IRS.''

''Are you even listening, I'm a god, an Asgardian, the rightful leader of Valhalla, I am Loki the magnificent!'' Loki exclaimed, not even sure why he bothered attempting to explain these facts to the man in front of him. Then again, his standards for getting recognized had been lowered after having been defeated by the Avengers.

''I tried conquering the world you know, it was all over the news, it was a glorious fight with an alien invasion and the whole shebang.'' He exclaimed once more, waving his staff around.

The bartender raised an eyebrow, looking towards Loki:
''Are you part of the Avengers you said?''

Loki raised his hands and grasped the bridge of his nose, using a couple of seconds to calmly breathe and cool down:
''Noooo, I am not part of the Avengers, are you not listening? I'm Thors brother and at the same time his arch-enemy. So no, I AM NOT PART OF THE AVENGERS!''

''Cool, you're Thors brother. Do you think you could get me his autograph? My sister is a real fan of his.'' The bartender said with a smile.

Loki was just about to choke on his own rage:
''I swear, are you even paying attenion to half of what I am saying? I was thise close to conquering the world!'' He gestured by putting his thumb and index fingers close together.

''There's a new conquerer of the world every week. It is really hard to keep track of them all.'' The bartender calmly mentions.
''Last week there was this guy with overly bulging muscles and purple colored skin, and before that there was the guy with the flying metal armor, and before that was the scantily clad magic chick and so on.''

Loki put his head towards the bartenders table, making a bit of a small thud as he did. He kept on doing it for a little bit:
''You know what, fine, forget it. Just give me some of your alcoholic beverage.''

The bartender gestured towards the clock on the wall:
''We don't really open for sale of beer until 20:00.''

Loki eyed up at the bartender.
''Oh, don't you even start. Fine! Give me something else then.''
''You can have some Orange juice if you want. Here,'' The bartender poured a glass which he placed on the table before Loki. He even put in a straw and a slice of the orange on top of the glass.

''I`LL TAKE IT!'' Loki exclaimed before taking the glass and drinking the juice defiantly through the straw.

--Hours later--

''It's 20:00, can I have my alcoholic beverage now? The strongest you have.''
''Sure, do you have an ID I can check?
''Oh don't you bloody start again.''
A God Walks Into A Bar...
Made for :iconjademacalla:
Contest write a story for a picture:…
Tony the alp by J4B
Tony the alp
For :iconamelius: Birthday.

Character belongs to her.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Various stuff
  • Reading: MLP comics
  • Watching: Princess Tutu
  • Playing: Rome Total War
  • Eating: Bread with cheese
  • Drinking: Water


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am not a good drawer, but I see myself as a white sheet whereas I can improve and become better. Thus, and critique that is based on what I can improve and how I can improve it is appreciated.

Being a bastard and saying bad things to me is not appreciated. Please refrain from doing so.

Favourite genre of music: Rock
Personal Quote: Kick reason to the curb and surpass the impossible!

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